We have a large fleet of vehicles and equipment
that allow us to make each team operative with short reaction times


Our minitrencher with remote control is able to curve the excavation and follow the road trajectory, and this allows us to be faster in the installation of fiber optic infrastructures.

Ground penetrating radar

Before each excavation, we perform the investigation with the ground penetrating radar to prevent damage to existing plants during the subsequent excavation phases.

Excavator 50q

We have a 50 quintal excavator to carry out larger excavations.

Excavators 17q

We use several 17 quintal excavators in most of the road excavations for the laying of optical fiber infrastructures.

Trucks 50q

Each team with excavator is equipped with a 50 quintals truck, necessary for the transport of materials and small earthmoving operations.

Trucks 35q

The light trucks are used by our technicians qualified for work at height, to transport the stairs and the equipment necessary to perform the wiring of buildings with optical fiber.

Transporters 18q

The vans are used by our 12 technicians qualified in splicing and junction, that is the connection to the network of a new optical fiber system.

360° cherry picker

The truck with cherry picker allows a 360 ° rotation and a maximum arm extension of 15 meters and 8 meters horizontally. It's used to wire the poles, create overhead lines and lay lines to the wall.


Splicers are devices that allow us to weld two fiber optic cables, ensuring continuity in signal quality. Each of our 12 junction technicians is equipped with a splicing machine.

Submersible pumps

We have several immersion pumps for depths up to 16 meters, equipped with electric generator. To guarantee operation and safety at work, we employ teams of technicians qualified for work in confined spaces.


We are equipped with a mower to cut grass and branches up to 5cm in diameter.

Light truck

The lightest truck we are equipped with is indispensable for interventions to be carried out in historic centers and in areas where traffic is very limited in maneuvering spaces.

Power barrow

The power barrow is an essential equipment to intervene in steep areas, dirt roads and very narrow alleys of the historical center.


We have a forklift that is essential to carry out heavy material handling operations in the warehouse and load the trucks.


Optical fiber systems and infrastructures, network systems,
electrical systems and video surveillance systems

Video surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems

We install video cameras and design video surveillance systems for schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, warehouses, production facilities, homes and outdoor areas, also with connection to law enforcement agencies.

We design networks for computers and devices dedicated to offices and buildings, warehouses and production sites. We install and configure gigabit and wifi network devices, in addition to laying cables and connecting to the fiber optic internet.

We design and build every kind of electrical system dedicated to offices and buildings, warehouses and production facilities, also installing and connecting the latest generation of home automation systems.


We provide a project management service for the
installation and junction of optical fiber systems and infrastructures

We perform the project management for the laying of optical fiber infrastructures and organizes equipments and operating teams for each type of work, from excavations with mini-trenches to piling for overhead lines.


Are you looking for a reliable partner for the construction of a fiber-optic infrastructure?

Try the skills of our multidisciplinary division that provides the customer with a fiber optic turnkey solution including systems design, project management, installation and junction to the network.

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